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Live Soccer Streaming and P2P Resources

What is P2PTV or Peer to Peer TV Streaming, and more importantly how do I use it watch Live Soccer?

P2PTV refers to applications of popular Peer-to-Peer technology which are designed for sharing video streams online, using individual users’ PCs on one of many P2P networks. These video signals can range from TV shows, sports, news or anything that is being transmitted via live television. Live soccer streaming is quickly gaining popularity. Exploding in Asia and spreading over to the western world, it threatens to redefine the existing broadcast model by potentially making every cable or satellite channel broadcasting live football available online.

P2P has become increasingly popular among web users due to the overall increase in bandwidth and increased Internet speeds available to the global users. The advancement of P2P technology was imminent. Today P2P players and networks offer users many useful functions from viewing free live streams to distributing a signal to a specific social network, to broadcasting your own stream to the world. In the past year soccer and rugby fans across the globe have gravitated to this technology to fulfill their viewing needs and pleasures. The increases of users accessing these streams also contribute to its growing success and popularity amongst footy fans. Today, many live football streams that were traditionally available in specific regions are being released on the web, offering unlimited possibilities to the type of content one can access no matter what region in the globe they reside in. Many of these feeds may not be available on your terrestrial antenna systems, your local cable or satellite channels. But with P2P - you can add one more option to accessing premium footy coverage. We are not advocating that you cut the cable or satellite service, since nothing really compares to watching a Premier League or La Liga match on the flat screen in your living room. But this technology will certainly play a big role in bridging gaps in soccer coverage for a huge global soccer audience.

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Popular P2PTV Applications:


This technology is highly effective method of re-distributing a stream as essentially the more users that access a stream, the more bandwidth is available for redistribution. The program will allocate a portion of you’re available bandwidth to redistribute to other users on the same network, and so on. The quality of the video streams is usually fairly good and may depend on the quantity of users accessing the same video stream, as more users will make more bandwidth available, and the better the stream will become. It’s common to see improvements of a soccer stream throughout the game as more users logon the network and increase available bandwidth.

Live football streaming is extremely popular in Asia, with millions of users sharing streams. Two of the most popular applications are TVAnts written and designed by Zhejiang University, and PPLive which was created in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In North America, the popular TVU Networksrun by a Californian internet company offers a good selection of US Channels.

If you are on a Mac, your options may be limited. Most P2P Programs are designed for Windows, so you’ll need to be able to run Windows emulator in order to make use of P2PTV. By using Apple’s Boot Camp or Parallels, you will be able to setup Windows on the newer Intel Macs. For older PowerBooks and non-Intel based Macs, you will have to consider either getting a Windows based computer or upgrade to a later Mac model. Alternative is trying Octoshape network, which offers a beta version of Java based client running on Linux and Mac.

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