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Delhi Daredevils promotional stint becomes wild

Zubin Daver, April 13 2012,
Delhi Daredevils team ties up with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for a social cause. The social cause turns into a fiasco luckily everyone is fine.

The promotional stunt carried out by the Delhi Daredevils team became more of a unruly journey as the Delhi Daredevils skipper Virender Sehwag along with a few of his teammates got onto a Delhi Metro on Friday. Why? This was done to teach the commuters about etiquette and good manners of travelling in a metro train.

Seriously, take a team of crickets out into the public where fans would break a hand and leg just to get a glimpse of them seemed rather foolish.

How on earth would a cricket team who had an entire compartment booked for themselves teach etiquette? Especially when the crowd and media were supposed to be kept away by security personnel.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation tied up with the Delhi Daredevils Team to help raise awareness about keeping the trains and platforms clean, not obstructing trains' doors and standing behind the yellow line at platforms.

The entire reason of the visit was completely lost as soon as the Delhi Daredevils players came to board the Metro at the INA station. Their presence made the scene more unruly and in fact dangerous and unsafe.

The scene was no less than a war zone with hundreds of fans mobbing the cricketers to get a glimpse of them. Autograph seekers pushed each other to get closer to the players and the players were walking away trying to save their lives. Not a good idea in a country where a famous person is treated as great as God.

Apparently, the police force was unable to take the situation under control and the media and crazy fans all barged into the last compartment which was reserved for the players.

Virender Sehwag, all along, kept his head down and hardly spoke to anyone. Irfan Pathan, Umesh Yadav and Yogesh Nagar only waved to the fans and followed their captain to a safe haven.

After their rather dangerous promotional ride, the cricketers rushed out of the metro station leaving the fans and the media unsatisfied and frustrated but the security personnel relieved that there was no violence.

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