Afridi roughs up a cricket fan

Mohit Singh, March 26 2012,
Incident occurs after the fan allegedly pushes Afridi's daughter
Afridi involved in a scuffle
Afridi involved in a scuffle
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Pakistan allrounder Shahid Afridi has involved in a brawl with a fan at Karachi airport. Reports have said that, the former Pakistani captain thrashed and slapped that fan at the airport.

Afridi, with some other members of the Pakistan team, was returning from Dhaka to Pakistan after winning the Asia Cup. At the airport, he was mobbed by some fans and lost his temper in consequence. According to eyewitnesses and television reports, Afridi lashed at fans after the autograph hunters hurt his little daughter.

The fans descended at the Karachi airport to greet the winners of the Asia Cup.

However, during the hullaballoo, Afridi’s three-year-old daughter Ajwa got hurt in a crush of the excited fans. Afridi lost the control of his temper after seeing his daughter on the ground and hit fans before his brother intervened and took him away of the scene.

The incident happened shortly after Afridi had talked to the media and praised Bangladesh for their extraordinary performance in the final match of the Asia Cup. The video footage showed that Afridi, wearing a red T-shirt, was heading for a car waiting for him but turned out and attacked a youth and pointed to another man before his brother, Mushtaq, stepped in and saved the situation from getting worse.

Later on, Afridi told that he did not want to hurt anyone but lost his temper after seeing his daughter was hurt by the crowd. He said that it was quite normal for the fans to come and seek autograph but this time they were out of control.

The fan, Gul Rehaman, also told media that Afridi’s reaction was normal and he still loved Afridi and considered him as his brother.

Afridi along with his teammates Mohammad Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Younis Khan, and Saeed Ajmal returned home on Friday after winning their second Asia Cup title. Afridi named as the man of the match in the final for his fiery 32 runs and 1 wicket.

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